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Experts update

Includes a customized informative letter every month, with funding calls adapted to your profile and your project.

Monthly suscription

Includes 1 hour-session of online consultancy for answering all your questions.

You will also stay informed about funding calls adapted to your profile and your project, through our customized newsletter.


Comprehensive Consultancy

The experts of EUROPEA.RED Network have a wide experience in reviewing projects for EU calls. An expertised consultant will shape your idea and write the proposal with you, highlighting what is most relevant according to the evaluation criteria.

The budget for comprehensive consultancy may vary depending on your project, but it may approximate the following:

  • 1% of the project’s budget as a fixed fee.

  • 5% of the project’s budget if you obtain funding.

  • 10% of the project's budget for managing your project.


You have a project, but just need advice on some particular item, or want your project to be reviewed before submission.

  •  1 hour-session of consultancy for only 120€. 

  • Project review for only 600€.

The European funding programme, Horizon Europe, with a budget of €95.5 billion, includes a wide range of funding opportunities. Don't miss the opportunity of getting funds by a lack of information or a formal error.

Special Offer!: Contact us to know if your project is eligible for a discount up to 50%


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